NROTW: ODESZA, ‘In Return (Deluxe Edition)’

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If you haven’t yet heard of ODESZA, it’s starting to become a “Where have you been?” situation. Their ridiculously large core of fans (for their relative newness) results in sold-out venues and multiple shows in cities across the world. The duo’s wide appeal comes from their particularly original brand of downtempo electronica that is almost more alluring to those who …

NROTW: NERO, ‘Between II Worlds’

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NERO is an electronic music trio that seems to have come along at just the right time: in 2011 the popularity of dubstep acts like Skrillex was growing, and new varieties of electronica were gaining momentum. It was then that NERO released their debut full-length album Welcome Reality, which garnered huge success with a hybrid electro-house/dubstep/electro-rock sound and the vocals …

Urban Cone

NROTW: Urban Cone, ‘Polaroid Memories’

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With their young voices and young hearts, Urban Cone has officially been imported from Sweden with an electro-pop sound not unlike Passion Pit. They’ve gained popularity playing festivals (primarily in Sweden), but started branching out with shows last year in the US. This summer, they’re on the tour trail again throughout Sweden but with a solid rise in the States …

Google Will Change the Way You Vacation

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Without a doubt, the Internet (and airlines) are about to blow up—Google announced they’ve revamped their flight search functionality, and it’s pretty great. If you know where you want to go and when, it’s as simple as Googling “flights to [your destination]” and the search results will show a card indicating dates, airlines and prices. If, however, you’re among the …

The Coolest Thing I’ve Done to My Phone

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People have been using and covering the service IFTTT for a long time now, but if you don’t know what it is, a quick explanation should help. What IFTTT Is IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That” which is the simplest possible conditional statement. IF [a specific condition occurs], THEN [do some action]. In short, IFTTT equals automation of repetitive …